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Employment Contracts

Awards + EBAS + Employment Contracts -
Awards + EBAS + Employment Contracts -

Have you asked yourself?

Are you confident that your business is complying with all Award obligations?
Do you have a good grasp of all the Awards that cover your business?
Does your business have an Enterprise Agreement that needs re-negotiating?
Do you have current and compliant Employment Contracts that work for your business?

Award Interpretation

Skildare are expert at assisting our clients navigate the complexity of Modern Awards, the National Employment Standards and the Fair Work Act to establish employer obligations with regards to employee pay rates, classifications, minimum entitlements and coverage.

Enterprise Agreements

Our Consultants are highly skilled and experienced in facilitating the process of negotiating Enterprise Agreements for our clients from start to finish including:

  • Coordinating the election of reps
  • Facilitating negotiations and documenting the required minutes
  • Benchmarking within industry for comparison purposes
  • Coordinating the voting process
  • Submitting the application to ratify the Agreement with the Fair Work Commission in line with the prescribed rules and regulations

Employment Contracts

Our Consultants can provide tailored Contracts of Employment to meet the precise needs of each client.  Contracts can be tailored to meet all the specific needs of the role, as well as applicable Award compliance requirements. Skildare provide:

  • Permanent Employment Contracts (Award and Award free)
  • Casual Employment Contracts
  • Fixed Term Employment Contracts
  • Maximum Term Employment Contracts

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