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Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network (HNECCPHN) is a relatively new organisation with around 100 staff dispersed across several offices. Developing a positive organisational culture in line with our values has been a focus in our development, and Skildare have been integral in this process through providing practical and expert advice and support to our internal HR team, as well as managers and the broader staffing group.

Melissa Hayes

Executive Manager Corporate Service

Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network

At Out of the Square, our OOTS Family comes first. We care about their welfare, life goals and passions. The addition of Skildare (and especially Brooke) to our HR team is playing a significant role in maintaining and enhancing this as our business continues to grow.

Marty Adnum

Managing Director


Awabakal is a very diverse organisation, operating in a complex service environment. Skildare have been able to provide HR support to a relatively new management team to ensure the Leadership team have the skills and a consistent process to mitigate risk and build a culture of professionalism in our workplace.

Raylene Gordon



Our people are our most important asset which is why we invest in Skildare. They know our staff and business intimately and are therefore able to solve any pop-up HR issues with ease whilst continuously improving our proactive HR processes and procedures.

Emily and Andrew Macdonald

HR and Marketing Manager and General Manager

Hotel Nelson

As a small business that has grown into a sizeable company, the expertise and support that Skildare provides is invaluable. The trusting relationship I have with Kate has allowed me to focus on my business and worry less about the complex world of HR. Both myself and all my staff are able to contact Skildare for any HR enquiries and are familiar enough with Kate to do so. Further to this we are now fortunate enough to have a full suite of policies & procedures, up to date employment contracts and our WHS procedures have been thoroughly reviewed. Skildare takes...

Johnny McLean

Managing Director

Lusty Industries

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