Human resource management
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Simplify it with personalised advice and support from Skildare.

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Down-to-earth HR outsourcing services that make your business life easier

For business owners who like expert advice and support delivered through a seamless, hands-on approach

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Outsourced HR services
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Don’t let HR questions and uncertainties keep you awake at night; get the help you need with expert advice from Skildare. Our team brings clarity by providing general HR advice and support that is personalised to your business. Outsourcing HR functions saves your business extra overhead costs and helps you avoid costly mistakes due to inexperience. From redundancy, termination, award compliance, pay rates and mental health advice, Skildare is the right team to support all your outsourced HR needs.
Awards, enterprise agreements and employment contracts can be complex beasts to understand. The great news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Reduce your business risks, stay compliant and feel secure knowing that you and your employees are being looked after with outsourced HR help from Skildare.
HR policies and procedures are a critical aspect of every workplace. The Skildare team use their expertise to set up clear and well-defined policies and procedures that offer protection through structure, consistency, transparency and fairness. Imagine how much easier running your business will be knowing that your HR framework keeps your employees informed and your business compliant.
Workplace grievances are fraught with emotions and sensitivities. It’s little wonder that business owners find this complex aspect of running a business overwhelming. The Skildare team are experts at this so you don’t have to be. We’ll mitigate the risk to your business, ensure fairness and compliance and, above all else, maintain transparency. With our help, any grievance process will be handled objectively, fairly and thoroughly. And with a quick resolution, you can get back to running your business.
The Skildare team are ready to help you set up and maintain an innovative and meaningful continuous performance improvement process. How good do boosting engagement and reducing turnover rates sound? When you retain staff, you’re retaining their knowledge and avoiding lengthy and costly recruitment processes. Basically, you’ll keep building your business from the people up.
The Skildare team are ready to help you set up and maintain an innovative and meaningful continuous performance improvement process. How good do boosting engagement and reducing turnover rates sound? When you retain staff, you’re retaining their knowledge and avoiding lengthy and costly recruitment processes. Basically, you’ll keep building your business from the people up.
A training and development program that is customised to suit your people will improve job satisfaction and morale. Skildare works with you to design a program that fosters engagement, boosts motivation and ensures that your people are capable of performing their roles. We’ve got a range of training, development and coaching workshops that are ready to be personalised to suit your workplace.
Working with Skildare means getting the right advice to help you understand what values drive your business and how to build a workplace culture that is buzzing with engaged and happy people. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for a short time or a long time, it’s your choice to create a workplace where people want to work. Skildare supports you to build an engaged culture unique to your business. The reward is less staff turnover, fewer sick days and a team ready to step up and support the goals of your business.
Getting down to business

When it comes to outsourcing HR functions in your business, what do you want to achieve?

You’ve landed here because you’re ready to make a difference in your business. You’re ready to reduce your business risks and your overheads and proactively prevent HR issues that impact how you help your people and serve your customers. If you’re willing to learn and grow, and you need help breaking down the complexities of all things HR, you’re in the right place.

Easier than ever

A personalised service that
simplifies outsourcing HR for your business

At Skildare, we don’t over-complicate our processes or confuse our clients. From the moment we chat on the phone to years down the track, your journey with Skildare is straightforward, personalised and trouble-free. Outsourcing HR functions has never been easier.

Stage 1 – Let’s begin

A chat with Skildare founder Diane Loong or General Manager Brooke Reynolds kicks off our onboarding process.

You’ll find that their personalities will put you at ease instantly as they start getting to know you and your business.

But this call isn’t just about outsourcing HR.

We believe in building relationships with clients first, not selling solutions. This initial conversation sets the foundations for a great partnership. We’ll learn all we can about you, your business and your goals.

Stage 2 – Let’s talk HR solutions

Now that we know more about your business, we’ll dig deeper into your outsourcing HR needs. We’ll arrange an in-person meeting, either at our office or on-site at your business, where’ll we’ll talk more about the outsourced HR support that you need now.

Remember, it’s a two-way street. Your experience and business knowledge will help us develop the right solution.

Skildare is open and transparent about our fees, our process and what you can expect each month. At the end of this stage, we’ll give you a proposal that is easy to understand and includes details about us, your business, a timeframe and what we’ll be working on together.

To help you feel more comfortable, you’ll receive a bio introducing you to your dedicated HR consultant, who will be working closely with you.

We are very deliberate in matching our clients with our consultants and make sure that we get the right fit, including expertise, level of experience, personality, and so on, so you’ll feel confident that you’re making the right choice.

Stage 3 – Getting set up

At this stage, we warmly welcome you into the Skildare family and introduce you to your trustworthy HR business consultant. We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen Skildare as your single source for all your outsourced HR matters.

The best part is that we suggest bringing along key members of your business to meet Diane, Brooke and your new go-to person for all things HR. After all, it’s about building relationships.

This stage is about mapping out your HR priorities and agreeing on the little details and how we’ll work together.

Stage 4 – Let’s get started

There’s no dawdling or dragging our feet. We’ll launch right in and start by ensuring you’ve got the right outsourced HR solution to suit your business. Communication is key, so you will always have a clear line of sight on what we are working on and can be assured that we maintain regular contact both on and off-site. Additionally, you will be provided with a monthly roadmap report that summarises everything we’ve achieved for the month and outlines the agreed-upon priorities for the following month.

Stage 5 – Choose your journey

Whether you need outsourced HR support for the short term, the long term or only when something catches you off guard, Skildare is here and we’re ready. We’ve raved on about our values of delivering outstanding service and not being salesly; now we’ll prove it. Skildare will never back you into a corner and sell you something you don’t need. We stand by this promise by never locking you into a fixed-term agreement. Our clients choose long-term relationships with us because of the value we add to their business—not because we force them. They’ve experienced first-hand the value we deliver to their business and the outsourced HR outcomes that we help them achieve. We know you’ll feel the same way from the moment you choose to work with us.