Skildare are expert at providing smart, simple HR strategies and advice. Our team has extensive experience to become your inside source on everything HR. From workplace compliance, policies and procedures to employee performance strategies, we work with you to craft practical, cost-effective solutions that enable you to worry less, and focus more on success.

smart HR, made simple.

Because HR isn’t simply about managing risk. It’s about cultivating an attitude of high-performance, where the aspirations of your people and the goals of your business can be brought into alignment, ensuring better outcomes that benefit all. We listen, and we share our learnings. We are open, transparent and collaborative in our approach, because we know what it is to strive for something. We’re Skildare, and we’re on hand to help.





Co-Founder & Director

(02) 4940 8743

I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resources and Industrial Relations (24 years ago yikes!) and I’ve lived and breathed HR ever since in corporate Australia and as a business owner.

My strengths are geared towards influencing behaviour and performance improvement, and I get a huge kick out of achieving tangible results for a client’s business whether it be through managing a risk-riddled issue or improving culture through smart yet simple HR process.

I would say Skildare’s success has been born from my drive to deliver smart, pragmatic HR whilst taking into account every facet and intricacy of the individual client. An ability to mould ‘best practice’ HR into a personalised solution for each unique culture is a skill that I’m proud to say is the essence of Skildare.

When I take my heels off an even better job awaits as a wife to Adam, a mother of our two teenage kids, a cook, a cleaner, a mediator, a taxi driver and an ATM!



Co-Founder & CEO

(02) 4940 8743

As the co-founder and director of Skildare, I lead the Strategic, Financial, Operational and Software development aspects of the business whilst also consulting on various Defence and Aviation projects.

I firmly believe in the power of the team and the role leadership plays in maximising an organisations capabilities and potential.

I have experience with Federal and State Government contracting to include major capital purchases and operational management, start-up organisations and not for profits. I co-founded and chair the board for the Hunter Defence Support Network (HDSN), a charity supporting Defence Force members posted to the local region.

I hold a Bachelor of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering from UNSW and I’m a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

Outside of work, I enjoy hacking around the golf course, holding strong as a Parramatta Eels fan and spending time with my family and friends.



General Manager HR

I graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2005 with a Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management. Since then my strengths (and HR kicks) include tackling Employee Relations issues, such as investigations, grievances and supporting the management of under performance in the workplace. I love building relationships with leaders, employees and unions and thrive on creating workable solutions that are productive and rewarding for all.

After 14 years in Corporate HR and running a small business with my husband, I found myself constantly asking, how do SMEs, with no HR specialist, navigate the world of HR and all that it involves? This lead me to Skildare, because in my consulting capacity at Skildare I get to build strong relationships (yay!), contribute to really positive transformations in people and businesses and work with amazing people from every industry all over our region!

In my “spare” time I continue to support my husband run our business and juggle my mum duties (not necessarily in that order). Our family mantra is “Work (hard), Save, Travel … Repeat”. The Reynolds family can’t come home from one holiday without having the next one locked in!



Human Resources Consultant

I graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2013, with a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Human Resources, Management and Accounting. I started at Skildare the week after my last university exam, in the December of 2013.

All of my practical HR knowledge and experience has been learnt in the 5+ years that I have been with Skildare, from the amazing team of consultants that we have. I have worked closely with a range of small to medium businesses, in a variety of industries including engineering, publications and marketing, and sports wholesalers. I am a bit of a (huge) HR-nerd and particularly love working with employment contracts and Awards and getting into the nitty gritty of employment legislation interpretation. I pride myself on my strong research skills, attention to detail (sometimes referred to as the team’s formatting and grammar queen) and my ability to build strong and positive relationships with my clients.

When I’m not hanging out in the office with the best HR-team there is, I am most likely on a landscape photography adventure with my husband (he takes the amazing photos and I’m just along for the ride), or I am enjoying a glass of wine and watching trashy reality TV (much to Di’s grave disappointment!).



Human Resources Consultant

I graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2011, with a combined Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Social Sciences, before heading back for more fun times to obtain a Graduate Certificate in Work Health and Safety in 2014.

I have found my way to HR through working in industrial and employee relations in Sydney, starting at the Fair Work Commission as an associate and later working for peak employer industry associations, where I handled complex industrial relations issues on a daily basis such as workplace investigations, termination of employment, grievances and enterprise agreement negotiation. After returning to Newcastle to start raising a family, I found myself working in HR and really enjoying the hands-on aspect of HR, building relationships with business leaders by helping to simplify HR and compliance issues so business leaders can get back to enjoying what they do best.  

When I’m not enjoying work and all of the interesting things that pop up, I’m trying to be a good husband and chase an adventurous toddler around every open space within a 100km radius. When he’s finally exhausted, I find time to watch any sport, hang out with friends and family and eat some good food.



Human Resources Consultant

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management from the University of Newcastle over 10 years ago (where’s the pause button?). I spent the best part of the last decade working in a large and complex organisation doing all things HR prior to commencing with Skildare as a HR Consultant.

I enjoy (actually really enjoy) the challenge of working with our diverse range of clients in the Newcastle/Hunter Region where no two days are ever the same. I am passionate about providing smart and simple HR solutions, particularly in the areas of performance review and development, policy development and organisational change. I pride myself on being able to form strong working relationships with senior leaders, line managers and employees.

When I’m not trying to juggle the multiple balls that comes with being a full-time working mum to 2 very busy, adventurous and energetic boys, you will find me either entertaining at home with my husband, family and friends, sharing my new passion of espresso martini’s, checking out the latest restaurant/café in town or busy planning our next family adventure (which will most likely involve chasing my 6 year old down another ski slope).



Human Resources Consultant

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business from the University of Newcastle over 20 years ago (ok, now I feel old!), and started my career working in the recruitment industry for a small industrial recruitment firm. The majority of my HR career has been Sydney based working in a multinational professional service company having gained extensive experience in remuneration and benefits, strategic financial management, performance management, and organisational restructures. My strengths have always been in building great relationships with my stakeholders ensuring I understand what their needs are, in order to deliver tailored solutions that align with their strategic objectives.

Being “Novocastrian”, my husband, kids and I relocated from Sydney back home a few years ago. When I switch off my laptop I moonlight as an Uber driver for my children, ferrying them around to their never-ending activities and social engagements. My husband would tell you I’m at my happiest when I am bossing someone about (normally him) but I think I’m at my best with a glass of wine in one hand and a delicious meal (not cooked by me) in the other!



Human Resources Consultant

Despite having a Business degree majoring in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management and 10 years experience in HR, I honestly had no intention of pursuing a career in HR as my hospitality background made the thought of owning a pub more appealing! My mindset however, changed dramatically when I experienced firsthand how poor HR practices can irreparably damage a team culture and ultimately the performance of a business. This experience now drives me to positively influence the human capital of an organisation, because at the centre of all good organisations are its people.

My strength is Industrial Relations and developing strategies to improve employee relations through effective performance management, robust change management strategies and developing simple, fair and effective HR processes to reduce industrial risk, improve team culture and contribute to overall success of the business.

While I love my job and the people I work with, I also LOVE food and travelling including good wine, great friends and family and camping with my partner.



Human Resources Consultant

I met Di and Adam in a previous Administration position back in 2014 while studying HR. Adam mentioned Skildare was recruiting a HR graduate, I think the conversation went something like… “well, I think you should hire me!”

I began my career in HR at Skildare in 2015 as a HR Administrator after completing a Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management and International Business at Newcastle University. Since commencing with the team, I have progressed from Administrator to HR Officer and onto HR Consultant. I have taken every opportunity to soak up as much knowledge as I can from the team around me. This has strengthened my confidence to support our clients on their HR journey. My passion lies in getting the fundamentals right, the foundations of HR if you like, and implementing simple and consistent HR processes to improve our clients operations.

When I am not at work my love of music, food and a wine make for a busy social life and it wouldn’t be hard to find me at the beach with a coffee in hand when the sun is shining.



Human Resource Administrator

I graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2018 with a Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management and Sport Management. I joined the Skildare team in January 2018 as a HR Administrator (AKA the Director of First Impressions!), following in the footsteps of Kate and Amy I knew I had big shoes to fill (because I was actually told this!) Having no prior HR experience other than what my degree taught me, I brought my humour, a desire to learn from my very experienced colleagues and loads of ambition.

I am responsible for various administration and customer service tasks in the office and also provide HR support for the team (the phrase “How is your day looking?” now haunts me). I am continually learning every day and always on the lookout for my next task to expand my HR knowledge especially employee relations and workplace investigations.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me at Friday night dinners with my family, drinking (too many) cocktails with friends and honing my table tennis skills on the weekends!



Software Developer

I was excited to join the delightful Skildare team in 2015. Although a smaller company then, it was clear that strong foundations had been laid to set Skildare on a growth trajectory. Today the team has more than doubled in size and remains as high achieving and collaborative as ever.

My responsibilities at Skildare are software design, development, engineering and training, focusing on front-end, back-end, CMS, integrations, document management and web app development with a focus on being cloud-first and paperless.

Studying mechatronics engineering initially awakened my interest in developing scalable, low latency, lightweight applications with global reach. I have since honed my focus on software and completed additional courses in computer science, AWS, Google Cloud, decentralised systems and blockchain.

In parallel with becoming passionate about correct coding conventions and documentation I have recently swapped some very physical hobbies (like running) with “attention-to-detail” hobbies such as rowing and gliding. Getting old isn’t so bad!



Exercise Scenario Coordinator

I began my working career in 1997, graduating with a Bachelor of Journalism from RMIT in Melbourne. When the glamour of print journalism failed to match the remuneration, I worked first in aerospace as a technical writer, then the less technical but even better-paid automotive industry as a PR consultant. Melbourne winter finally got the better of me and I left for London; which was surprising to find an even colder and greyer city. After four years as a media relations consultant for local government and charity organisations, I returned to Australia.

After graduating with an MA in International Relations from UNSW in 2006, I decided a career in Defence had the glamour and climate variations I was looking for and spent the next decade in a variety of roles, predominantly focused on technical and operational analysis, complex problem-solving and specialist workforce training.

I have been fortunate to experience a variety of high-tempo and unique workplaces in Australia and overseas, and can draw on experience in media, communications and analytical roles within government, Defence and private industry. I am a firm believer in creating a framework for dialogue and collaboration that establishes client needs, as the basis for long-term working relationships. Completing an MA in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism in 2018 introduced me to the importance of a strategy — linking ways and means to an end — for government and business clients alike.

When I’m not critically evaluating craft beer, I’m usually on a motorbike riding safely within the speed limit and suffering the delusion the Melbourne Football Club will one day reach the Grand Final in the AFL.



Operations Coordinator

I began my career in 2006 after spending 12 months gaining some ‘life experience’ in Darwin, NT. I have spent the best part of the last decade within Air Combat Group at Williamtown working with fighter aircraft and aircrew, and air to surface integration specialists. My experience is within process improvement, coordination, project management on a smaller scale, and personnel development.

I have had the privilege of working in a large variety of different roles in my career and am able to draw on past experiences working in high-stress environments, under time pressures, when working through problems in an every-day corporate setting. I enjoy working within a diverse and capable team and look forward to providing a superior service to defence through a cohesive team of driven individuals whose primary goal is delivering an educational product for the Primary Training Audience. I am passionate about forming strong relationships with our primary customers, providing a professional service, and delivering tangible outcomes. I pride myself on being a personable individual who can effectively communicate with students, senior members, and commanders alike.

My spare time is spent with my young family and attempting to pass on my love of adventure and being in the Australian bush to my young son (once my daughter is old enough she’ll be there with us too!), strength and fitness, surfing, hiking, fishing, hunting and anything else ending in ‘ing’. I’d much rather be outside than in, and I put time aside to get out of the house whenever I can. I enjoy collecting memories with my wife and kids!

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