We combine down-to-earth people-skills with analytical precision to deliver simple, effective HR solutions, tailored to you.
We’re more than external consultants.

We’re invested in people. We’re a part of your team, an inside source committed to producing a high-performing workplace culture, on hand whenever we’re needed.

Clients come to us because we can be depended upon to deliver. We listen and ask the right questions. We readily share our learning and expertise in the fields of compliance, legislation and employee management, and together agree on a customised approach, which is aligned to the achievement of the business’s goals.

From policies and procedures to employee management and executive coaching, we work with you to craft practical, cost-effective solutions that enable you to worry less, and focus more on success.

HR Advice & Support

In addition to creating a best practice HR framework, just as crucial to the success of any business is the availability of best practice and commercially sound HR advice. Our consultants can provide a range of general HR advice and support to your business.  

Awards, Enterprise Agreements & Employment Contracts

We help you navigate the complexity of compliance requirements. From determining your employer obligations, terms and conditions of employment, to creating tailored employment contracts.

HR Policy Framework

Robust policies clearly set out the obligations and expectations in your workplace. We’ll make sure you’re up to date with statutory requirements and stay on top of workplace laws that are constantly changing.

Managing Workplace Grievances

Dealing with matters relating to employee relations can be an emotional and complex challenge. We’ll help you navigate these matters sensitively, swiftly and effectively, mitigating risk for your business.

Continuous Performance Improvement

A meaningful improvement process is vital to enhanced performance and culture. Our innovative approach replaces cumbersome annual reporting. Measuring performance is simple, constant, transparent and intuitive.

Remuneration & Benefits

The right people are attracted by the right incentives, and the right incentives drive performance and employee retention. We’ll help you define the right reward strategy in keeping with your industry and culture.

Training & Development

Professional development is an important part of driving performance and employee retention, but it can be difficult to identify the right mix of development strategies to ensure a return on investment both for your business and to ensure continued employee engagement. We offer a range of training courses, development techniques, plans and coaching, tailored to your specific needs.

Workplace Culture

Make your business a sought-after place to work, a workplace employees choose. A thriving culture at work means employees are engaged, motivated and committed - ensuring the retention of your high performing and most valued employees.

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