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Continuous performance improvement -
Work performance

Do these statements sound familiar?

I have not found an appraisal process that works well.
Our procedures are time consuming, dreaded by everyone and ineffective!
I don’t have a way to provide and record feedback in real time and hold people to account for their performance.
We have under performers in the business and no solution to improving this situation.

High performing organisations purposely manage the performance of employees and understand that continuous improvement is paramount to its success. This combined with the fact that payroll can be as much as 70% of overall business expenses (ABS) makes perfect sense to focus on performance!

Whilst every workplace is different, what we can say for sure is, regardless of the size or complexity of an organisation – having a meaningful performance improvement process is vital to influencing the behaviour of individuals and does positively impact performance and culture.

Our passion for excellence has driven Skildare to develop an innovative application called deBa (short for debrief) which is redefining the way managers engage and drive improvements in all aspects of employee performance.

Grounded on clearly-defined performance expectations and regular, two-way communication, the beauty of deBa lies in its simplicity, which makes it easily and cost-effectively customised to every workplace.

A simple data-capture tool, deBa enables leaders/managers record ‘on the job’ observations which facilitates regular and targeted conversations that leads to enhanced performance and behaviours.

deBa opens the lines of communication and eliminates time-consuming and inefficient performance appraisals and the stigma associated with them.

Continuous performance improvement -
Continuous performance improvement -

Skildare have developed a mobile application called deBa to support this approach.
For more information on deBa, click here.

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