Work Place Culture -
Workplace Culture

Have you asked yourself?

Are you happy with your workplace culture?
Are your employees engaged and motivated?
Is your business a place where employees would recommend others to work?

An engaged workforce is key to reducing staff turnover and is a crucial driver in the retention of high performing employees. To this end, Skildare have been applying simple best practice strategies to maximise employee engagement and satisfaction with our clients for many years now.

We know that the reasons why employees may or may not be “on the bus” in one business will be different for another, and therefore we do not provide a cookie cutter solution. Skildare can establish precisely the root cause(s) and develop key strategies from there. This can be achieved through:

  • Channeling more robust communication methods
  • Identifying leadership behaviours
  • Staff surveys
  • Reviewing specific policies/procedures to establish whether there is a disconnect between the wants of the workforce verses the business e.g. workplace flexibility, as an example
  • Other procedures that provide valuable intel and clarity e.g. exit interviews, simple goal setting etc.

Culture and Values

Observing employees who are immersed and committed to the culture and values of their workplace is like watching a really great movie in surround sound! It rarely happens by accident though. It requires a really good understanding of what values drive your business and an uncompromising commitment to them!

The team at Skildare are very active participants in supporting our clients create and sustain their own unique culture through defined organisational values and then using internal mechanisms to ensure the positive and continuous improvement culture thrives.

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