"Skildare's Leadership Development system that enables on-the-job leadership coaching"

Quality leadership


Quality leadership is the core ingredient of an engaged workplace and is the primary driver of a high-performance team. Despite the obvious requirement for leadership development, few organisations have dedicated leadership programs or leadership systems in place that drive leaders to improve. Quality leadership training and coaching is hard to come by and is usually limited to leadership training courses or one-off events aimed at an entire cadre. One on one leadership coaching for an entire organisation is too expensive and often not the best solution for a busy workplace.

Invest in the development of your leaders

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Accountability for


deBa is designed to integrate leadership development into the daily actions and culture of an organisation. deBa requires the internal leadership team to be accountable for the leadership development of subordinates, thus creating a self-sustaining culture of improvement and high performance.

Leadership is valued

Leaders are supported and coached

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