"Skildare is a trusted resource for Noble Engineering Services in all areas of Human Resources. From ensuring compliance in legislation, templates, policies and award interpretation through to advice and clarity of process. "

Jacqui, Noble Engineering Services

The long-term success of any business depends on its people and more importantly, having engaged and high performing people. Building and developing this engagement can be one of the most rewarding aspects of running a business, and one of the most complex and challenging things to manage and maintain!

There are a multitude of things to manage when running a business of any size, from recruitment and remuneration, workplace culture, managing performance and leadership development and wellbeing, as well as meeting all compliance and legal obligations around pay and conditions, health and safety, terminations and so on. In short, there is a lot to building and maintaining a great workplace. This can be overwhelming, time consuming and costly if you do not have experienced HR oversight in your business.

Outsourcing HR provides an excellent opportunity to scale up and down as needed and therefore can be the most cost-effective model for SMEs. Employing an internal stand-alone HR Manager might seem like a good idea because it gives a more ‘personal’ touch, but a business becomes constrained by the skills and knowledge of that one person, and given the vast nature of HR and its complexities, this is limiting to say the least. Our experience as an outsourced provider is that we are skilled in developing warm and trusted relationships and therefore, the personal touch is there, and so is the care. In addition, we have a full team of professionals all with differing experience, skills and knowledge to ensure the very best outcomes are achieved, always.  

Skildare’s strength lies in the broad range of skills and experiences our team has gained over their careers across different industries. With an open and collaborative style, our team work together to draw upon the collective experience and skills to provide clear and straightforward support and advice that considers best practice, risk management and commercial outcomes. Better together.