"Corporate culture matters. How management choose to treat its people impacts everything for better or worse."

Simon Sinek

Workplace culture is

the character of your organisation.

Culture is visible and you can see it in the way your people interact with each other, how they communicate, how they make decisions, in what the business chooses to recognise and reward employees for and is strongly influenced by the businesses core values, leadership and workplace practices. There is an undeniable link between strong culture and success.

Repeated habits build culture

Policy and procedures build habits


Building and

sustaining culture

Culture is one of the most difficult things for a business to create, change and maintain, and at Skildare we can provide you with simple best practice strategies that are tailored to your business, which will assist you to create a positive workplace culture unique to your workplace. Some of the strategies we can assist with include:

Establish core values

Align workplace practices and policies

Leadership coaching and mentorship

Employee engagement assessment