"Mediation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. "


Workplace mediation

Supporting parties to a relationship resolution

The art of encouraging communication and agreement which results in both parties understanding a problem from the other parties' perspective.

Supporting two parties to resolve conflict within a workplace relationship;

A methodical and structured process for the greatest opportunity of success;

Encouraging openness and honesty, with respect.


Our workplace mediation services resolve complex and challenging disputes swiftly, effectively and with as little fanfare as possible. Our expert and experienced mediators work with all parties in workplace disputes to establish their underlying needs and interests, encourage dialogue and ultimately, facilitate an agreed resolution.

Participation is voluntary and only proceeds with each participant's approval. Significant pre-work with both parties separately before the formal mediation session ensures both parties are well prepared, not only to express their concerns but to hear the other parties' point of view. Preparation in mediation is the greatest factor contributing to success.

A successful mediation results in a documented mediation agreement that outlines broadly the agreements made by both parties as a result of the process. This can be referred back to keep both parties accountable if previous behaviours return.

Mediation offers a flexible and less formal alternative to a structured disciplinary process, in the right circumstances, where disciplinary actions may erode morale and performance further, to the detriment of the parties and the business.