"Skildare provide the HR support we need. We're not big enough to have an internal HR expert but Skildare are so connected to our organisation and culture it's like having them in-house. "

Megan Noble, Out of the Square Media

Many businesses we work with don’t have the money or the appetite to engage a permanent internal People and Culture resource. The reality is, the HR needs of the business change from time to time and as such, the HR requirement may flex up and down. Working with an outsourced provider allows businesses the flexibility to do just that, - to customise support when there is an employee matter that requires significant support or to complete a HR project and to decrease support when there is no significant work and a reduced rate would be more supportive to budget constraints.  

Whilst working with the Skildare team, businesses have the benefit of building a relationship with one HR Practioner, whilst having access to the skills and knowledge of the wider Skildare team. The Skildare model includes an internal culture of collaboration and brainstorming, meaning tricky HR matters are brainstormed with multiple practitioners with varying experiences. This practice results in well-constructed and considered advice and recommendations for your business.

Skildare’s internal structure ensures that whilst you have a key contact within our team, other experienced team members will be working behind the scenes, and will be familiar with your workplace culture, current projects and employees matters. So, if the key contact wins the lotto and moves overseas (or just goes on leave), your HR support will continue seamlessly.